Project Overview 2007-2009


Aerial Imagery Acquisition

*      September 2008:  Partnered with Lenska Aerial to enable a 6” pixel resolution flight of Santa Barbara County’s South Coast (Gaviota Coast to Ventura County Line)

*      August 2008:  Licensed reseller for the Landiscor Aerial Information 1’ pixel resolution flight of Santa Barbara County (not including Vandenberg AFB or the Channel Islands)

*      November 2008:  Licensed reseller for the ORTHOSHOP Geometrics 3” pixel resolution flight of the Tea Fire Area


Lack Construction

*      Create custom, large-format display maps for proposed projects


Montecito Fire Protection District

*      Created response map books for engine companies to use to locate call site 

*      Provide training and technical support to enable the district to independently manage spatial data


Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District

*      Created response map books for engine companies to use to locate call sites and other important features.

*      Created Pre-Attack planning maps for the district including safety zones, helicopter spots, water access, dozer drop points, water bodies, hydrants overlaid on an aerial photo

*      Created custom wall maps of the district with streets, points of interest, creeks, and streets.


City of Goleta

*      Created and update all General Plan and EIR map figures

*      Create and update spatial Zoning data and maps

*      Create Supplementary EIR figures for the City’s current planning projects

*      Create maps custom maps for planning and public works projects

*      Maintain the City’s GIS data

*      Provide monthly GIS training sessions


County Election Department

*      Ensure accuracy of electoral precincts and districts

*      Ensure the consistency of Elections records and spatial data

*      Plan and execute precinct consolidation and reorganization

*      Create custom maps for polling place locations


County Assessor’s Office

*      Update changes to the Assessor’s Parcel Maps, Districts, and GIS Basemap


Land Trust for Santa Barbara County

*      Map Land Trust easements

*      Prepare custom maps and datasets for individual projects showing aerial photos, agricultural sites, endangered species habitat, property lines, topographic contours



*      Preparation of past LAFCO district boundary directories.

*      Update district boundary changes due to annexations


Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District Improvement Division #1

*      Created a custom wall map of the district displaying well sites, hydrants, reservoirs, pumps, lines, streets and property lines


Fidelity National Title

*      Create custom property maps with aerial photos, parcel lines, & roads

*      Easement Mapping for specific properties