Aerial Photography

We resell the most current and highest resolution ortho-rectified photos of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties provided by Landiscor Aerial Information, DigitalGlobe, Lenska Aerial, and the ORTHOSHOP Geometrics.  Recent flights include:

*      November 2008:  @ 3” pixel resolution (Tea Fire Area)

*      September 2008:  @ 6” pixel resolution (Gaviota to Santa Barbara/Ventura County Line)

*      August 2008:  @ 1’ pixel resolution (Santa Barbara County—minus Vandenberg AFB & Channel Islands)

*      July 2006: @ 1’ pixel resolution (Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties—minus Vandenberg AFB & Channel Islands)


We also resell exiting data and products form the above listed vendors, including:

*      Archived aerial imagery sets

*      Aerial Navigator 3D Software

*      PhotoMapper Software

*      Landiscor Real Estate Photo Books

*      Landiscor Large Metro Area Wall Murals

*      Landiscor Posters

*      Landiscor Digital GIS Data Layers


Areial Photo of Santa Barbara Downtown Area from the July 2006 flight.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We use this powerful tool to create, display, modify, and analyze spatial data both in map and database formats. 


Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)

With over 15 years of experience using CAD for Santa Barbara County’s Assessor’s Mapping and other projects, JDL Mapping has the skill and know-how to maximize the power of this tool.




Notification Packets

We prepare packets as required for obtaining permits or licenses in Santa Barbara County.

*      Includes:  a map of parcels to be notified, list of parcel owners, sticky labels or Excel tables with noticing information for owners and occupants

*      We work closely with the City of Goleta and send necessary files directly to their Planning and Environmental Service Department

*      The Packet can generally be completed the same day that it is ordered

*      The cost of the service is $70 (including sales tax)

*      We also do FARR reports (as required by the City of Santa Barbara’s Design Review).  The cost of a FARR is $165 and the turn around time is generally 2-3 days.


Noticing Packet maps showing a 500’ buffer of the subject property

and all of the parcels to be notified.


Custom Maps

We can create custom maps to meet any objective from site plan maps, to special event maps, to property maps with aerial photo overlays and more. 



Map of the City of Santa Barbara showing points of interest, parks, golf courses, schools, zip

code areas, streets, and water bodies.



Site plan for a proposed rural home with 50’ contours, roads, existing

and proposed features.


Property map with parcel lines and roadways overlaid on an aerial photo and APNs labeled.


GIS Training Services

We are eager to share the power and utility of GIS with you!  We offer group or one-on-one training in the applications of GIS based on your specific needs.